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Quotes I first started going to fit camp in September 2012 and have noticed a massive improvement in my level of fitness since then. After my first session I ached all over, but just a few sessions later my muscles became used to the work-out. Now I leave each session feeling a sense of achievement and not as though my legs are going to fall off! I?m still not half as fit as some of the other members of the group, but Clare is great ? although she pushes everyone to work hard she?ll often suggest alternative methods to make exercises slightly easier or harder. I?ve done fit camp in minus temperatures, rain and snow which is not something I ever thought I would do, but now strangely enjoy (especially the feeling when doing that last squat / lunge / run!) All in all it?s definitely worth getting up early for ? in fact we set our alarm for 5.15am and travel from Newcastle Quayside and wouldn?t consider changing our new fit camp family to another one for anything! Quotes
Happy Fitcamper

Quotes As someone who could barely run to the next lamp post, I heard lots of friends talking about the benefits of joining a running club, but where could I find a club where I wouldn't feel like a joke and wouldn't ALWAYS be at the back - welcome to Geordie Joggers! From the initial contact, Clare has always been amazingly supportive and knowledgeable. Her positive approach and upbeat nature really does encourage everyone and each session is different. Claire seems to understand everyone's capabilities so although you're in a group, the training is tweaked to meet the needs of the individual. All of the group are very friendly - no show offs or posers, just real people wanting to improve their fitness whilst having fun! Joining Geordie Joggers was a very good move for me and I can't believe I've signed up to a 5 mile run....whatever next??? If you're thinking about joining the group, you'll be made very welcome and you won't look back AND you'll have a laugh along the way! Quotes
Geordie Jogger recruit

Quotes At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to do the Great North Run. I had taken part in 5 and 10k runs previously, but I soon realised that a half marathon was a completely different ball game! I contacted Run England and discovered Pathfinder Fitness through them. From the moment of contacting Clare, I found her approachable, knowledgeable and extremely professional. She invited me along to her Geordie Joggers session to meet the group and to see what I thought of group running. I was made welcome immediately and felt very comfortable. From the outset of joining the group, Clare encouraged me to contact her when ever I 'needed' to do a longer run. Over 3 months Clare has trained me and I have gone from being able to comfortably run just 3 miles to successfully completing my first half marathon running all of the way. I cannot thank Clare enough for all of her encouragement and motivating spirit. Clare and Pathfinder Fitness are simply fantastic! Quotes
Sara Donnison
Great North Runner

Quotes hen the alarm goes off at 'daft o'clock' it would be so easy to turn over and have a few more minutes, but the effort to get up is worth it. The class is good fun, everyone, especially Clare is very encouraging, whatever your level of fitness. After a couple sessions, I felt a part of the group and thoroughly enjoy the training and the banter - but we all remember 'What is said at Fitcamp, stays at Fitcamp!!' Thanks Clare and fellow Fitcampers! Quotes
Daft o'Clock Fit Camper

Quotes i have attended clare,s classes at various times n venues..always a laugh but know i,m working and enjoying getting fit; i have ran with clare on many a cold wet hilly route not really bothered as we chat and end up doing more miles than intended!! sure she sneaks them in!! a really good running buddy and trainer Quotes
sue wilson
classes,fellow runner

Quotes Clare's enthusiasm and encouragement keeps me going! She is not only highly informed about every aspect of fitness but is genuinely interested in each runner as an individual and caters for people of all levels of fitness. You don't have to be fit to join, just be yourself, be prepared to work hard and you will see a huge difference in your fitness, your shape and your self-confidence. Quotes
Alison Young
Geordie Joggers & Occasional FitCamp

Quotes For the first time in my life, I am actually enjoying exercise and I have some serious baby weight to lose! I've found the others in the group friendly and likeminded people with a shared aim of wanting to get fit, lose weight and have fun in a safe 'non-elite' environment. It's such a good laugh - Clair is very motivating and knowledgeable, I'd highly recommend anyone to come along and join the fun! Quotes
Emma McHugh
Geordie Jogger (Sat and Tues Eve)FitCamp Sat am

Quotes I joined Geordie Joggers in February and having never been to a running club before, I was really nervous and had an idea that it would be super fit people in leggings and that I'd feel out of place being a bit overweight and unfit. I had no reason to be scared as right from the beginning Clare put me completely at ease and I've never looked back. Joining this running club has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every session is different, so I never get bored and Clare always pushes me to try my hardest. Nobody is ever left behind and everybody is encouraged to work to their own ability. There are people of all ages and all sizes and we're all different, but everybody who comes along is so friendly and motivated that it makes each session a pleasure. Clare's passion and enthusiasm for running and fitness is infectious and this makes me look forward to every session. If you've ever wanted to run but don't know where to start, come along to Geordie Joggers Quotes
Laura Dallison
Geordie Joggers,FitCamp & Personal Training

Quotes Pat and i joined Geordie Joggers feb 2012, We have both been very impresed with Clare [although I wish she would learn how to count properly during the exercises], she is a complete professional when it comes to training, I should know, as ive been trained in the past by the best, [Ex Army] You will hardly notice "The Pain" as Clare makes every session very enjoyable. So if you feel like a life changing experience come along and join in the fun and get fit. 'Oh',don't worry if you are of a certain age, I'm 67 and "lovin it" Quotes
George and Pat

Quotes Clare is the first personal trainer I have had and I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little nervous. Within minutes of arriving for our first session she put me right at ease. Her sessions are fantastic, she pushes me in the right places, is great fun to work out with (very varied sessions and she always includes activities she know's I particularly enjoy such as boxing and sit ups) and doesn't accept anything less than my best. Within 2 weeks of working with her I could see a very visable improvement in my fitness level and found myself actually looking forward to working out. She has been incredibly flexiable with my busy schedule and has given me constant advice and encouragement. I'm looking forward to her getting me holiday fit over the next few weeks and would highly recommend Clare to help with any weight loss or/and fitness goal! Very knowledgable and brilliant at what she does. Thanks Clare! Quotes
Laura Dodd
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  • "I first started going to fit camp in September 2012 and have noticed a massive improvement in my level of fitness since then. After my first session I ached all over, but just a..."
    Happy Fitcamper
  • "As someone who could barely run to the next lamp post, I heard lots of friends talking about the benefits of joining a running club, but where could I find a club where I wouldn..."
    Geordie Jogger recruit