Pathfinder Fitness

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Advice for Clients

Please note the we do have guidelines for a safe and friendly working environment.

We ask all clients to respect the professional instructors and other members intergrity.

We will be your instructor, trainer,  but please understand that if any in-appropriate behaviour towards our staff and members, (this may be:Suggestive, Verbal, Physical or via Text etc,) leading to intimidation or ill-ease with in the working environment we will take immediate action to end your membership with Pathfinder Fitness. We reserve the right to keep any payments made and no refunds will be given. We know that within the training environment things can seem to get friendly, we will be friendly, but this is not a friendship, but please note, we are here to train you, nothing more!!!!! 

Unfortunatley sometimes being a polite,friendly, approchable is miss-read as being more.

We would never say that you don't 'make friends' within the session, in fact a lot of friendships have formed within the group. It is really satisfying to see client friendships blossom. But we as your trainer, we will stay just that.

As with all situations you must always be aware and be carefull of what you discuss and disclose to your fellow members.

In response to your rights, we state that we will not discuss anything within our sessions to anyone outside of PathFinder Fitness. (Unless deemed to be illegal or dangerous)

We will keep a working relationship with ALL of our clients. If you are not for any reason happy with the trainer please inform us immediatley!!!!! we can then sort out if you require any refund (if applicable)

We also insist that if you have a problem with another member please tell us, we will do everything to help a situation or problem, alternate training sessions, etc. DON'T JUST STOP COMING if you enjoy the sessions.


                                                          Thank you, Pathfinder Fitness Team


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